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You can purchase the 2020 Back to Basics Income Tax Planner software for $139.00, or order your annual software renewal for $129.00 (plus sales tax, if applicable). We also offer a downloadable trial version for a free 7-day evaluation period. See for yourself how the 2020 Back to Basics Income Tax Planner software can help you gain greater levels of control and confidence in your tax preparation business.

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Back to Basics Income Tax Planner

Now there's an easier way to serve your clients. The 2020 Back to Basics Income Tax Planner software consolidates all of the tax preparation details--like biographical information, income, credits and payments--giving you greater control over your work. Some of the many benefits are ease of use, short learning curve, fast and powerful, low cost and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


  • Easy installation. Simply run the downloaded installation file and the rest is done for you.
  • Easy input: All you have to do is fill in the blanks on the automated 1040 form. The line numbers on the screen match the IRS and state tax forms.
  • On-screen review: You can check any of your screens at any time.
  • Tax planning scenarios: Compare nine different tax situations and switch to any of the nine with ease.
  • Interactive schedule: Enter data only once. It is automatically transferred and calculated as needed.
  • Reports: With a simple command, print easy-to-read reports similar to tax forms.
  • Manual: Complete documentation is provided, but the program is so simple you probably won't need it.


  • New taxpayer: Simply enter the social security number of your client.
  • Earned income credit: EIC is calculated automatically for qualifying clients.
  • State screens: Includes AZ, IA, IL, MN, and WI at no extra charge. Information from the 1040 is automatically transferred and the screens are set up exactly like the states' paper income tax forms.
  • Utilities: You can print out a list of clients as needed.